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Why Learn Hijama Cupping Therapy And Become A Certified Practitioner?

What is Hijama? Hijama Cupping Therapy has been practiced by various different cultures for thousands of years. However, with the arrival of Islam, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ refined Hijama Cupping Therapy, hence making it an Islamic discipline surrounded by certain rules

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Enlightened Knowledge Is Nourishment For The Mind, Body And Soul

Assalamualaikum, We want to thank you for being such loyal and supportive readers. We appreciate your open mindedness and willingness to learn about Sunnah Health. We are honoured that you allow us to motivate you and cherish this greatly.  To

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Latest Improvements in the HNA Hijama Diploma

This article is beneficial for both, our current students and our graduates. So, please keep reading. Are you a current Student who started studies with us ages ago, but then “Life Happened”. So now you are stuck or unable to

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