1Who is Hijama Nation?

Brother Muddassar Raja and Sister Umm Amaar are the Co-founders of Hijama Nation. They established the Hijama Nation Academy in the UK. They offer an Online Accredited Higher Diploma Course in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT) Level 5 and have 100’s of students all over the world. They also offer Hijama treatments, consultations and workshops to promote knowledge about this ancient Islamic healing art. The Association is fully insured and provides insurance for all its enrolled students as well as graduates. The Association is a Professional Body and has a register of certified and insured Hijama Practitioners.

It is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) in the UK which works with the Federal Regulatory Council and UK government. It also adheres to a strict code of ethics, policies and procedures, complaints and disciplinary procedures. Members of HNA can become members of GRCCT.

We are also the first ever approved Hijama Course Provider for the Professional Wellness Alliance (www.pwai.us) in the USA. So our graduates can obtain a PWA license to practice Hijama legally under Religious Therapy in the USA.


2What are Course Instructors qualifications?

We have a team of practitioners who specialize in Holistic Therapies, Prophetic medicine and Lifecoaching, Blood Analysis, Ruqyah, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Naturopathic Medicine and have years of combined experience of practicing Hijama. Our team is always updating with new information regarding Hijama by studying courses and collaborating with other practitioners. Hence, our team is well rounded in Natural and Alternative medicine and well equipped to teach Hijama.

3Why choose Hijama Nation Associations Accredited Diploma Course?
  • Our course is an Accredited Higher Diploma at Level 5. It is fully comprehensive and certifies students to Practitioner Level.
  • Our course is a recognized Core Therapy Qualification by GRCCT.
  • We are members of and regulated by GRCCT.
  • We have the highest of standards and teach our students to maintain them. We cover the History of Cupping, Physiology and Anatomy, Best Practices, Basic Chinese Medicine and practical applications of Hijama. But most importantly, we cover Islamic Medicine in great detail. Our course is set apart from our competitors because of our Hijamaology Unit. This covers Prophetic Medicine, Islamic Medical History and the Lunar Cycle, which other courses do not cover.
  • Unlike other courses, there are no hidden costs and students pay everything up front with no hidden fees.
  • Unlike other courses, we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee if they cannot continue with the course or are unsatisfied with the course material. But students must study and pass two modules first (Terms & Conditions Apply).
  • The course is very reasonably priced for an accredited diploma course and students get excellent value for money in the course content material and customer service.
  • We provide excellent customer service and student support during studies and post graduation.
  • Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and easily accessible.
4How long is the course?

The course is a self-paced and flexible. It is 600 hours of study time.

5When does it start?

You can join the course whenever you are ready and able to suit your need and schedule.

6How does this online course work?

The whole course is studied online, via the website. Once the student has registered on the website and paid the tuition fees, they have access to the course materials.  They then study the course material and take the online quizzes. Once all of these are completed, the student undertakes a one day practical training class. They then start their case studies. When these are complete, they submit their case studies coursework. They also take their final practical exam in person or via video. The students have full access to course tutors via email, phone and text.

7Do I need to attend practical training?

UK students are required to attend the one day practical training class. These are held about 6 times a year. Right now we are holding the practical training in Birmingham at our new Academy in Small Heath, Birmingham.
International students are welcome to attend if they are able to. However, if they cannot, then we still provide them with recordings of the practical training. We also provide live skype sessions for whoever needs it. Any enrolled student can attend class at anytime. It does not matter which stage of the course they are at.

8Are the classes mixed and who teaches them?

The classes are strictly segregated. Male students are taught by male staff in a separate room and female students are taught by a female staff member in a separate room.

9Do we need to bring someone with us to do the practical training on?

No, you do the practical training on your fellow students.

10How can I learn the practical application of Hijama Cupping Therapy online?

Most of the training for the course is theory, which gets you ready for the practical. Once you are ready, we teach you practical techniques through a live practical session, video demonstrations and live skype sessions. Once you have done your practical, you perform your case studies. This system has worked for 100’s of our international students as you can see in the videos on the course page. 

11Does the online model really work?

Yes! We have many successful graduates within and outside the U.K. We have had a lot of positive feedback from students who are very satisfied with their course of study. They have learned the skill of performing Hijama and are now practicing and helping revive the sunnah.

12Are there any prerequisites or requirements to enrol on this course?

No. This Diploma is a Core Therapy Qualification. It is a fully comprehensive course to Practitioner level. So we teach Physiology and Anatomy, Best Practices and First Aid. You do not need a medical background, although it is an advantage.
However, students should be able to read and understand English at a proficient level, as the course is intensive and online quizzes can be challenging for foreign students. We do facilitate foreign students and provide them with much needed support. Students can obtain insurance coverage after graduation.

13Is the course offered to international students?

Yes. The course is online and therefore, global. Our goal is to have this training available where no other training of Hijama is available locally.

14Can foreign students apply?

Yes, as long as they can read and understand English to a satisfactory level. The course is intensive. The purpose behind online model is so that everyone in the world can have access to it.

15Is this Diploma recognized in other countries?

This course is an Accredited Higher Diploma at Level 5 in the UK. It may not be recognized in other countries. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check with their own government about the rules and regulations regarding Hijama Cupping Therapy.

16How do I apply now?

Enrol Now:
1. Listen to the webinar here.
2. Book an Interview Call
3. Have interview call with your Hijama Coach.
4. Pay and enrol to get access to your Hijama Diploma Course.

17How much are the fees?

Enrol Now:
1. Listen to the webinar here.
2. Book an Interview Call
3. Have interview call with your Hijama Coach.
4. Pay and enrol to get access to your Hijama Diploma Course.

18Are there any other hidden costs, fees or charges?

We don’t have any hidden costs. Everything is included in the fee up front. We do not have a registration fee or any surprise charges such as practical training fees or practical exam fees.

Online quizzes are not charged for retakes.

Only the Final Hijama Practical exam will be charged at £75 if you fail the first time.

Please note: We do NOT currently provide equipment. Students must purchase Hijama Supplies themselves.
The insurance fees are separate and go to the Company independently. These are not included in your tuition fees.

19How do I pay the tuition fees?

You pay online via credit or debit card through www.Paypal.com when you register on the student website: www.HijamaCertification.com.


20What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept online methods of payment via paypal, credit and debit card. We also accept bank transfers and money transfers. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay as you can do it by credit or debit card.

21Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans. No interest.

22What will I learn on the course?


  • HNA Holistic Approach: Overview
  • Allopathic vs Naturopathic Medicine
  • Introduction to Islamic Medicine
  • Root Causes
  • Introduction to Holistic Hijama Treatment System (HHTS)
  • Cellular Health
  • HNA Essence of Life Theory: Oxygenation, Hydration, Nutrition
  • Mindset Training
  • Stress & Acidosis
  • Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System: Fight or Flight
  • Hijama Theories
  • Traditional Hijama Point System
  • HNA Catch Up Theory
  • Introduction to Islamic and Unani Medicine
  • What is Hijama Cupping Therapy?
  • Types of Cupping Therapy
  • Benefits of Cupping Therapy
  • History of Cupping Therapy
  • History of Islamic Medicine
  • History of Cupping Therapy Equipment
  • Modern Cupping Therapy Equipment
  • Bonus Module-Mindset Training & Mindfulness
  • Practical Section-Equipment
  • Online Quiz


  • HNA Approach: Mindset
  • Mind, Body & Soul
  • Conditions of the Heart
  • Faith & Hope
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Diet in Islamic Medicine
  • Prophetic Medicine and Sunnah Diet
  • Islamic Quranic Humorology for Hijama
  • Introduction to Unani Typology & Temperaments for Hijama
  • Hijamaology: Ahadith, Dates, times, fasting, women, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause, breastfeeding, post-pregnancy, incicions, hijama for Muslims and non Muslims
  • Introduction to Ruqyah
  • Metphysical issues
  • Seen and unseen
  • Magic, Jinn, evil eye, envy and illness
  • Spiritual self protection
  • Surahs and Ayahs with explanations and print outs
  • Ruqyah Water (“Holy Water”)
  • Hijama for metaphysical issues
  • Hijamaology and the Lunar Cycle
  • Introduction to Ruqyah
  • Bonus Module-Introduction to Metaphysics
  • Electromagnetic energy
  • Energy Medicine & Sound Therapy
  • Prostration, grounding, earthing
  • Practical Section-Fixed Cupping
  • Online Quiz

Physiology & Anatomy for Holistic Hijama Cupping Therapy

  • HNA Approach: Cleansing
  • Stress & Psychosomatic Diseases
  • Gut Health
  • Constipation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Systems of the Body
  • Vital Organs of the Body
  • Glands of the Body
  • Functions of Blood
  • Cellular Health
  • Blood flow
  • Liver Health
  • Hijama Blood Output & Analysis
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Venous and Hijama
  • Other Body Fluids
  • Humoral Pathology
  • Hijama Point Assessments
  • Hijama for Typologies
  • Bonus Module-Advanced Facial and Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Moving Cupping
  • Practical Section-Moving Cupping
  • Online Quiz


  • Health, Safety and Hygiene
  • Cross Contamination
  • Handwashing & Sanitizing
  • Medical Gloves
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Bleeding
  • Precautions, Contraindications & After Effects
  • Other emergencies
  • Fire Safety
  • Self Care
  • Clinical Work Environment
  • Equipment
  • Clinical Procedures
  • Online Quiz

HIJAMA BUSINESS BEST PRACTICES                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Client Care
  • Client Intake Procedure
  • Medical Forms
  • Holistic Assessments & Solutions
  • Business Best Practices
  • Office Management
  • Time Management
  • Fees, prices and packaging
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Bonus Module-Introduction to Business Marketing
  • Practical Section-Hijama Wet Cupping
  • Online Quiz

HIJAMA PRACTICAL MODULE                       

  • Hijama Theory, Applications and Points
  • Sunnah Points
  • Cupping Applications
  • Multi Level Hijama
  • Multi Purpose Hijama
  • Multi Application Cupping
  • Hijama Locations
  • Special Locations
  • Hijama in Unani Medicine and Sunnah Remedies
  • Hijama for Digestive System in Unani Medicine
  • HNA Theory of Holistic Hijama
  • Women, children, elderly, sick, metaphysical issues, anemia, seizures, diabetics
  • HHTS Implementation
  • HHTS 21 Day Diet Cleansing
  • Sunnah Fasting
  • Hijama Coaching Training
  • HHTS Protocol
  • HNA Treatment Plans
  • Primary Treatment plans
  • Full Body Treatment plans
  • Specific Treatment Plans
  • Bonus Fertility Plans
  • Bonus Medical Directory
  • Bonus Module-Hijama for Cancer Treatment Plan
  • Practical Section-Head Hijama
  • Online Quiz



  • Case Studies Introduction
  • Case Studies Instructions
  • 3 Week Sectional Hijama Cleanse Treatment Plan
  • Client Intake Procedures
  • Treatment Sessions
  • Case Study Write Ups & Samples
  • Client Feedback
  • Ordering Supplies
  • Practical Section
23CASE STUDIES Guidelines

After you have completed all of your theory modules, you can get practical training and then start your case studies coursework module. You will treat your family and friends and the submit your work.


Practical assessment will be either live in person, or skype session or a video recording. We will assessing the room setup, equipment setup, client consultation, treatment plan, incision techniques, wiping techniques, patient care, cleaning up, after care etc.

25What exams do I have to take?

End of unit online Multiple Choice Quizzes
Final Practical exam (live or via video)
Final case studies coursework.

Final written Exam.

26How is my work marked and graded?

The End of Unit Online Multiple Choice quizzes give your results immediately.
Your course works are all marked as pass/fail.
You receive an overall pass or fail when your exams and coursework marks are collated at the end of the course

27When do I get my Diploma Certificates?

As soon as your work has been marked, and you pass, you will be informed. Your certificates will be mailed to you within 4 weeks. This includes your Diploma Certification for Hijama Practice, as well as a Record of Achievement which features all your types and hours of training.

28Are there any extra shipping costs or charges?

Yes. All Students are required to pay £10 postage fee for Royal Mail Signed Delivery Service.

All certificates are shipped by standard Royal Mail.

We only send hard copies and no online, soft copies.

Duplicate Certificates are £10.00.

29What student support is available?

We provide one-on-one care via email, phone, text and in person if the students are local to us. Students can contact us at anytime during office hours. We do not work in evenings, weekends, national UK holidays and Islamic Holidays.
Students are requested to keep international time differences in mind when contacting us. We always try respond to students within 24 hrs.
We provide insurance for students and graduates at a discounted rate.

30What will my formal qualification be after graduation?

This course is a Core Therapy Qualification, so you will be awarded a Diploma in Hijama Cupping (Dip. HCT). You will be qualified as a: Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP). You will be able to open up your clinic in U.K and other parts of the world (check with your own locality) or have a mobile clinic service. You will be able to attain insurance to cover your Hijama Practice. You will be able to become member of Hijama Nation Association and of the GRCCT.

31Do you provide post-graduate support?

Yes. Upon graduation, you will receive a comprehensive information pack which provides post-graduate support. It contains everything from practical business advice, memberships, do’s and don’ts and what to do next after graduation.

32Can I still get support from Hijama Nation Association after graduation?

Yes. We are happy to help our graduates in every way possible way. Graduates can become HNA Registered Members and we add them to our HNA International register of Certified Hijama Practitioners. They will be able to attend Continued professional development (CPD) classes annually.

33What are the job opportunities after graduation?

In the UK, CHP’s are legally able to perform Hijama Cupping Therapy commercially and on the public. CHP’s can become:
Self employed and work at home, hire a space in a clinic or health centre or do mobile work with home visits. (They must obtain the relevant licenses, permissions from the local authority, insurance coverage bodies, bank, mortgage companies etc).
Set up their own clinic.
Teach, train and do workshops, seminars and webinars.

34How do I become a Course Instructor?

Our Course Instructor Program is an exclusive course, which we only offer to our students at our own discretion. The applicant must be a certified CHP from Hijama Nation Assocation, have received a Distinction and have outstanding performance, attitude and knowledge to qualify.

35How can we network with other Students and Graduate Practitioners?

We have an exclusive Google group for current and postgraduate students to network with each other, where they can ask questions, share knowledge and learn from each other.

36Which services does Hijama Nation Association provide?
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) classes
  • Membership and Advertizing
  • Discounts on Supplies
  • Insurance coverage for students and practitioners.
  • Training, treatments, consultations, workshops, lectures, seminars and webinars.
  • Membership entitlement to GRCCT and PWA
37Are there any other fees during studies or after graduation ?

Yes, we charge a £10 admin fee per item for documents such as references, employment or benefit letters, duplicate certificates (scanned or hard copy), letters to embassies for visa applications and so on.

38Do you have a money back guarantee?

90 Day Money Back Guarantee. (Terms & Conditions apply). We are so confident that you will love this Hijama Diploma course, that we even have a 90 day full money back guarantee. The terms and conditions that apply are you will just have to study two modules and take the first two online quizzes first, so you can see if you are happy with the course material. We want you to succeed and we are here to support you. But if the course still does not work for you and you still want a refund, we will issue the full amount back. However, if you study modules 3-5 or the full course within 90 days, and then ask for your money back, we are unable to give a full refund.

The above prices are current for these courses and bonuses. These are discretionary and subject to change at any time by management. HNA Courses are non-transferable, or available for upgrade or switching courses.

DURING SALES: 30 Day refund. Module 1 and test only. However, if you study modules 2-5 or the full course within 90 days, and then ask for your money back, we are unable to give a full refund. Any free bonus courses received as part of a bundle offer will be cancelled.

There is a 30 day refund period for all other short short, basic courses featured on our websites unless stated otherwise.

58 comments on “FAQ’s
  1. ummumar says:

    As salaam alaikum

    I am a hijama therapist i complet my course with NHNF level 1 and i have been doing hijama for nearly 3years i do want to do more intense course and i am interested in blood analysis and course instructor would you consider me for your course instructor i did pass the course with a distinction i would really appreciate your reply jazakaAllah khairan

    • Assalaamu’alaykum,
      Yes, we do offer a Course Instructors programme but only to Hijama Nation Graduates.
      We will also be offering courses in blood analysis and Traditional Islamic medicine very soon, Insha’Allah.

      • Yusuf Dinath says:

        I would really be interested in this. Please may you note to contact me when the courses in blood analysis and Traditional Islamic medicine become available

  2. Reem says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Jazakumu Allahu khairan for this valuable work.

    a few months ago, I signed up online with my email address and I don’t think I have received the free ebook (or at least I don’t remember receiving it).

    Would you be kind enough to re-send to me?


  3. Mohamed says:


    How often can one do hijama in illness as described in the free hijama ebook?

    • Assalaamu’alaykum,

      Each patient is different and has different conditions with varying levels of severity. SO we cannot give you a fixed number. On average, a person can feel improvement from 1-3 sessions depending on the disease and patients health, diet, lifestyle and levels of medication.

  4. imad says:


    Is Varicocele as treatable with hijama, can you please give me contact numbre and address of hijama clinic in Connecticut.

    I’ll be grateful.

  5. Murad says:

    I am a histologist in Turkey,
    my daughter is suffering from extreme itching at her arms, legs and waist (sides), doctors give cortisone based creams + antihistaminics which don’t work
    I have cups for hijama do you have any advices for her?
    Best wishes

    • Asslamoalaykum,

      Removing heat and toxins through wet cupping will help her condition. You will have to cleanse all the organs. You should also look at Ozone therapy to get the body Oxyginated and alkalised insha Allah. May Allah give her shifa.


  6. Sajida says:

    Assalaamu alaikum

    I would like to sign up for your newsletter, please can you add my email address.
    Jazakallah Khayr.


  7. Anna says:

    I should have added i am not a health practitioner.

  8. Salam,

    I’m Community Service Volunteer in Houston, TX and helping suffering, needy,
    under privileged, uninsured communities FREE daily.

    Some people asked me following????

    Is Hijama Procedure is Legal in USA???

    Who are authorised in USA to perform Hijama??

    What qualification needed in USA to perform Hijama?

    Any other related information in this connection, if you can provide to get detailed response for the people.

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


    • Asslaamoalaykum Marfani,

      Each state has its own rules and regulation. So you will have to do a local research for your state find out what are the rules and regulations regarding Hijama in your state. The people who ask you all these questions, are they looking to practice Hijama or they want to get it performed on themselves?


  9. Asslam O Alaikum
    Do u offer this course in Urdu??

  10. aisha love says:

    how much is this course in american dollars?

  11. Dr Khalil says:

    I have a dental nurse who has done a one day dry cupping course with Ilkay Chirali. She is not a muslim, but is the course available to people of other faiths?

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for contacting us.
      Our Hijama Diploma Course is for all people whatever faith they belong to.
      We have many muslim as well as non-muslims who are doing this course with us.
      Please check your inbox for further details today, inshAllah.
      Tayyba Ayub (Admin)

  12. Rifai says:

    For medical doctors who wish to train Hijama do they have to do full course?
    Those who live in Canada (Alberta) where do they get centers for practical training?
    Best regards

  13. Sameer, R says:

    Alsalam aalaikum,
    I’m Ohio resident, and I’m prepare myself to join your Hijama course soon, but I have a question if you could help me with
    Do have a student’s or graduates living in USA which they are practicing Hijama therapy, that I can contact them to help me with the steps that I need to take after I will get my certificate.
    Jazakum Allaho khaira

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your query.
      Please check your inbox. I will send you the details today, inshAllah.
      Tayyba Ayub (Admin)

  14. Hosna Jahan says:

    Assalamo Alaikum , I live in New York n I’m looking for this hijama treatment for me and for my son . Please help me to find a place where I can find this hijama treatments. Thanks

  15. Yasmin says:

    How long is the course for

    • admin says:

      Assalam O Alaykum, It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish, you will always have lifetime access to the content and also updates to the course inshaAllah.

      Please email us at info@HijamaNation.com for more information 🙂

  16. Najma says:

    I am a doctor and working with nhs and like to enrol in Hijama.
    Is it a online or hands on course.

    • admin says:

      Walykum us Salaam Dr.Najma! It is great to hear that you are interested in learning Hijama Cupping Therapy, Alhamdulillah.

      The whole course is studied online, via the website. Once the student has registered on the website and paid the tuition fees, they have access to the course materials. They then study the course material and take the online quizzes. For more information why not email us at info@HijamaNation.com so we can answer any questions you may have 🙂

  17. Umm Abdurrahman says:

    Assalamu aleykum warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh, I’m a mum and I work at home and I’ll like to do further studies on Hijama. I already have basic studies on Hijama but I want to take it to the a professional level and engage in full business from prophetic medicine. Which course is best for me to should. I want to also learn fully in business and marketing. I don’t live in the UK, I live in Doha. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • admin says:

      Assalam alaikum, you can do our Accredited Hijama Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy insha Allah. Please see our email with further information.We have students all over the world, in over 25 Countries now, they arw producing remarkable results with thier work as Holistic Hijama Therapist.

      Kind Regards
      Zobia Hussain
      (BSc, CHP)

    • admin says:

      Assalamalaikum, Yes we have many students like yourself, who are focused and able to achieve more great work. Please see one of our successful students.

      Please also see an email from us with further information

      HNA Admin

  18. Omar alwan says:

    Salam Wa Alkium ,
    Will the hijama help with anxiety and panic attacks is so where should the cupping points be?

  19. Qi says:

    What is the cost in US dollars? Jazakallah khair for all you are doing.

  20. Saira iqbal says:

    Is this a government recognised qualification… Has it been officially recognised the qualification or it just a made up qualification

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your query
      Our Hijama Diploma course is an Accredited Higher Diploma at Level 5 in the UK.
      It is fully comprehensive and certifies students to Practitioner Level.
      It is a recognized Core Therapy Qualification by GRCCT(UK)
      After getting qualification by us you can become a Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP).
      Please email us at info@hijamanation.com for any other treatment or course related enquires.
      Kind Regards
      Tayyba Ayub
      (Customer Support Manager)

  21. Shenaz says:

    For the final practical exam – you will be assessing room setup etc… what requirements are needed for the room and what if we do not have access to those requirements?
    Many thanks

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your contact.
      Yes, the room set up and the equipment set up, everything will be reviewed according to the HN policies and procedures.
      Otherwise, students cannot pass the exam. Please write us at info@hijamanation.com for any questions.
      Tayyba Ayub
      (Customer Support Manager)

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your contact.
      The room setup, all compulsory equipment and their set up is assessed in the final practical exam.
      The students cannot pass their final exam if they are fail to do so. Please write at info@hijamanation.com
      for any questions.
      Kind Regards
      Tayyba Ayub (HNA Team)

  22. Loai says:

    I have Diploma of Remedial massage. Can I have some credits on your course? and is it will be the same course fee?

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your contact.
      The Hijama Diploma has its own theory and specific points. Many points may have similiarities with other massage skills but still it has its own history and applications.Please write us at hijamanation.com for any enquiries.
      JazakAllah Khair
      Tayyba Ayub
      (HNA Team)

  23. Muhammad Shipkolye says:

    Interested in hijama. What the salary after qualifying.

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      After qualifying, you can run your own clinic or mobile clinic or work from home. You fix your own rates for each session. Please see the list of our Practitioners and you can get an idea what they charge in their area or country.
      Please write us at info@hijamanation.com for any questions.
      Kind Regards
      Tayyba Ayub
      (Customer Support Manager)

  24. akram khan says:

    my name is Akram khan i want to do the hijama course so please tell me the procedure of fees payment from Saudi arabia. I dont have credit card so please send me the details of bank account.

    tell me one thing more..level-1 for beginners course details, because i am a new in this field of hijama.

    akram khan

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your contact.
      We have different courses available about Hijama. Please write us at info@hijamanation.com so I can provide you more information about our available courses and payment methods.
      Kind Regards
      Tayyba Ayub
      (Customer Support Manager)

  25. Maryam says:

    I would like to join from usa. But i m not sure if i get certificate from you, Is it enough ? and do need any medical Study background ? Thank you

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for contacting us.
      Our Hijama course is an Accredited Qualification at Level 5 in the UK which has been specifically designed for international students.We will give you a certificate after you complete the course with us. Please write us at info@hijamanation.com for more information.
      Looking forward to hearing back from you.

      HNA TEAM

  26. Ashraf says:

    How much cost of this course please send details

    • Hijama Nation says:

      Thanks for your contact.
      Our online and self-paced course is an Accredited Qualification at Level 5 in the UK which has been specifically designed for international students and this is provided with different business packages so prices depend on the package you choose with us. To get lots of useful information, click on our free webinar: http://www.hijamanationacademy.com/watchwebinar
      Looking forward to hearing back from you.
      Kind Regards
      HNA TEAM

  27. Hijama Nation says:


    To learn more about the course: https://hijamanation.com/faqs/
    You can also listen to our free webinar to find out more about the advanced training and Hijama treatments: https://hijama.hijamanation.com/webinar-reg2

    Adeela Aaeisha
    HN Team

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