Hijama Nation Academy

HNA is a Hijama Clinic and Training Institute in Birmingham, UK. We practice and teach a new, revolutionary concept of Holistic Hijama Cupping Therapy with a faith based mindset and approach.

HNA is a hub of pioneering research in Hijama Cupping Therapy and leads the way in Hijama case studies and analytical data. As a result, we have created and launched our brand new, original “Holistic HIjama Treatment System” (HHTS) .

We offer various courses, treatments and services in all aspects of mind, body and soul with an Islamic Approach. This includes Hijama and natural health, Hijama and Business Coaching,  Ruqyah Therapy, Islamic Counselling, fitness and Marketing classes.

We offer Hijama Cupping Therapy courses both online, and live at our new site in Small Heath, Birmingham, UK. Different formats will include short intensive programmes, structured weekly classes and flexible, self paced online and offline courses. All classes will be held in our new lecture theatre, as well as several treatment and training rooms.

We have also recently launched our new Ladies Hijama Clinic where we implement our new HHTS with tailor made Holistic Hijama services. We are happy to take on all cases; however complicated and challening they may be.

Consultations by appointment only. For more information, please email us at info@hijamanation.com.

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