This is a basic course about Sunnah Health. That includes Prophet Muhammads’ (Peace Be Upon Him) lifestyle and health regime. It teaches you the basics of attaining detox and well being through Sunnah practices.

It is an introduction to Islamic, holistic, natural medicine which cleanses the mind, body and soul. It will help you to prepare for Ramadan on a physical and spiritual level.

There are also 3 FREE exclusive bonuses with this course.

Free Bonus 1: Sunnah Health To Prepare for Ramadan.  

This is an exclusive one time offer for the general public. The course is actually for enrolled Hijama Students only. Learn about Sunnah, natural health, fasting, medication and Hijama Cupping Therapy. This is a basic course.

Free Bonus Module 2: Sunnah Productivity and Time Management Module.  

Learn how to manage your day and be healthy and productive in accordance to Sunnah. Help the Ummah and earn reward. This is a basic course.

Free Bonus Module 3: Introduction to Natural Health & Hijama Cupping Therapy.  

Learn about Islamic medicine and basics of Hijama Cupping Therapy. This is a basic course. It is not a Practitioner certification course.

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Course Structure and Curriculum

Module 1-Sunnah Fasting
Analysis of Sunnah Sahoor & Iftar
Analysis of Sunnah Fast
Cultural Comparisons of Fasting
Medical Benefits of Fasting

Module 2-Sunnah Eating Habits
Introduction & Framework
Benefits of milk, figs and olive oil
Benefits of vinegar, pomegranates and meat
Sunnah Drinks
Food Combinations
How to Change & Conclusion

Module 3-Sunnah Treatments & Remedies
Reasons for Sunnah Diet Not Working
Prophetic Medicines-Hijama & Nigella Sativa
Prophetic Medicines-Costus, Cress, Aloe Vera and Ithmid
Prophetic Medicines-Miswak, vinegar, camel urine and Senna
Prophetic Medicines-Diabetes, health and gastric upset
Prophetic Medicines-Migraines, fevers, allergies and metaphysical issues

Module 4-Sunnah Sleeping Habits
Benefits and Times of Sleep
Attributes of Sunnah Sleep
Practical Tips for Sleep

Module 5-Healing Through Gratitude
Health Benefits of Gratitude
How To Cultivate Gratitude and Patience
Role of Humility & Forgiveness
Role of Tawwakul & How to Express Gratitude

BONUS: Module 6-Sunnah Lifestyle, Productivity & Time Management
Sunnah Ways of Increasing Productivity
Nullifiers of Productivity

Final Exam-Multiple Choice: 50 Questions

You pay, register and enrol. You will have access to your student portal at any time. 

The course is online, flexible and self paced. You can start and finish when you like and study in your own time. There is no time limit or deadline. You will have lifetime access to the course until your graduate.

There are 5 modules with video lectures. There is one bonus module with a video lecture. There is one final, online multiple choice exam with 5 questions.

All bonus modules are also online.

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