Learn all aspects of Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) health  and lifestyle, based on Islamic and scientific research. Learn to implement practical skills to advise others about how to make successful, realistic and productive lifestyle changes.

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Sunnah Fasting

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Sunnah Therapies

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The Course is flexible, online and you can enrol and finish at anytime.

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Course Testimonials

January 1, 2016

I am excited to embark on a new adventure in my career. It will go from strength to strength and there is a lot of excitement around hijama now. I will be producing some promotional and education literature.

January 21, 2016

When I would go to the doctors, they would diagnose me wrongly or tell me it was me and it was in my head. So I began to look for alternative therapies and always found myself coming back to Hijama.

January 21, 2016

The first time I experienced Hijama, it was for an injury that I had at the gym. A trusted friend performed the therapy on me, and from that single session, I was able to regain mobility in my otherwise immobile arm.

April 16, 2016

I am a Project Manager, Mum and run a Hijama Clinic. I've got so much energy and  so much drive to revive this sunnah! May Allah reward Hijama Nation for this Course!

April 20, 2016

I have studied naturopathic nutrition and hijama. It is an amazing therapy from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view. I particularly like the Hijamaology module on this course.

I have found that Hijama has benefited my Chinese Medicine Practice a lot and even taken it over as my main discipline. I find hijama helps a lot with womens issues.

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