Hijama, The Best Treatment and A Forgotten Sunnah!

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic treatment practiced for over 5,000 years. It spread to many nations around the world over time including China, Africa, Russia, Middle East, Central, South East, South Asia and Europe, USA. The first documented records of its practice were found in the 19th century; the “Ebers Papyrus” originated from Egypt.

Hijama Cupping is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy. Below are some of the ways cupping helps:

  • It boosts the circulatory and immune systems
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • Treats illness and relaxes the patient
  • Unexplainable pain or pain in general

Common ailments that are treated by cupping are:

  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Pulled or tight muscles
  • Poor blood circulation and blockages
  • Constipation or IBS
  • And much more…….

To become a Hijama Practitioner to serve your community and to revive the forgotten Sunnah of Hijama , please visit Online Hijama Diploma Course



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293 Responses to Hijama, The Best Treatment and A Forgotten Sunnah!

  1. Abu Zakariya says:

    Salam sister
    Jazakhlahukayrun for reviving this sunnah
    Abu Zakariya

  2. Do you’ve a profile on facebook? I can’t seem to locate Cupping Therapy Now on there and I would like to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Amaya Mcguire

    • Yes-Our Facebook page is Hijama Nation. We don’t go by the name “Cupping Therapy Now”. Thanks.

      • Hj.Haleem H. Lim says:

        ALHAMDULILLA, THANKS ALLAH for giving me the opportunity to join this wonderful Hijama Nation. I am devoted follower of Muslim religion since birth. I am now 77 years old by June ,2011. I am suffering from a minor arthratis that bothers a lot. I hope Insha Allah I will receive the Hijama book or literatures. I am at present here in my country of birth, Philippines. Below is my exact mailing address:\

        • Aslamulykum Brother. Jazakallah khair for your interest and support. The book that you are referring is actually an eBook, which you are supposed to download when you sign up with http://www.HijamaTraining.com. We do not mail the book/hard copy. However, I will email you another copy to your direct email address, so you do not have any more trouble.

          May Allah bless you with good health and a long life!
          Hijama Nation.

  3. I live in Philadelphia, PA. USA where can I receive a treatment.

  4. Nur Ain says:


    I have few questions.

    1) How can we know that the blood that is being sucked out by hijama is a stagnant, unhealthy or toxic blood because the blood might be healthy or a mixture? When clotted blood can be seen, it is confirmed an unhealthy blood but how about blood which are in liquid form but it’s really a lot and dark in colour?

    2) What does it mean when the patients’ blood doesnt want to flow out during Hijama (only tiny “dots” can be seen)? What should be done so as to let out more blood?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your questions. The main reasons are to do with the Four humours in the body and how they fluctuate within the body at certain times of the month, depending upon the gravitational pull of the full moon. These are all answered in our course, so please study that further when we start classes. Thankyou.

  5. faima diallo says:

    Asalamu alaykum. First of all thank you for reviving this sunnah in the usa. I have few questions
    1. Is hijama safe for kidney transplant patients who’s taking imminusuppresive medication?
    2.do you know of any hijama therapist that can Come. To nyc to teach us sisters hijamah lesson, until we know how to do it? We will pay for the training, stay and food until the traing end .
    3.does hijama help for water retainment and diabetes due medications. If so; how many times do we have to do it to see result?
    Thank i apreciate your time so much.

    • Aslamulaykum Sister. Thanks for your comments. Hijama is the cure for all disease if done at the right time, in the correct manner. It also boosts and stabilises the immune system. So if a person has a weak constitution due to sickness, surgery or medication, hijama helps to strengthen the body and enable it to start its own, natural, internal healing process. It definitely speeds up the recovery process.

      Hijama Nation is holding a sisters workshop in NYC on Sat July 16th & 23rd. We will be teaching theory as well as showing practical demonstrations.
      If we hold any training workshops, we will let you know. Please keep checking the website for any new events. Also, please complete the application form as soon as possible and tell us how many students are definitely interested.

      Yes, Hijama cures water retention and reduces diabetes/high blood sugar levels. A treatment plan of dry, massage and hijama wet cupping would be very successful for a patient with these conditions. However, every human being is different and has different healing thresholds. So we cannot specify how long it would take. Typically, most patients do very well even after 2-3 sessions. alhumdulillah.

      I hope this answers your questions. JAK.

      • Jameylah says:

        As Salaamu Aleykum, May Allaah reward you for your efforts in educating the Ummah regarding this neglected sunnah. Please do not forget to say “InshaAllaah” (see Sural Kahf 18:23-24)
        Khayr InshaAllaah

  6. Mubbashir says:

    i have kidney problem and also esthma problem,,as this is helpful for me ?as Hijama is available in pakistan peshawar,and how mush coast will come on it

  7. Mubbashir says:

    i have kidney and esthma problem for the last several year,,as this hijama helpful in these diseases,as hijama center working in pakistan peshawar,and how much coast will come on it,i m waiting for your kind responce

    • Yes, Hijama will help both Asthma and kidney problems. Sorry, but we do not know the costs of Hijama therapy in Pakistan.

      • Saima Sheikh says:

        Prophetic Medicnal Clinic
        343 Block A Gulshane Ravi
        Lahore Punjab 545000 Pakistan
        Phone: 923009438650
        Phone: 923334769656
        E-mail: info@cupping.ws
        URL http://www.cupping.ws

        Aamir Ahsan
        Broken Earth Signatory – Yes
        Jamil Faizaam Medical Center
        Street no.2 Delhi Colony near Clifton Block 8 Karachi
        Sindh 74000 Pakistan
        Phone: 00923333378095
        E-mail: aamirbinehsan@yahoo.com

      • Ahmed Ali says:

        Hijamah is the blessing and cure to every disease.
        Its the recommended prophetic treatment.
        I have visited their location for Liver and back pain. They are trained and professionally doing this sunnah.

        You can also visit,
        Al-Hijamah Centre (Cure by Sunnah)
        Airport Housing Society, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
        +92 315 5115035
        +92 343 5000055

    • omar Ahmad says:

      Assalamualakum brother Mubashir, KindlyContact the Islamabad Hijama centre, Dr Sohail. 0333 5124705 . You may join his page on facebook also. Its not that expensive, around 150-300 rupees per cup, depending on the clinic

  8. Mubbashir says:

    i have read the Ebook,very interesting,i will continue this course ,

  9. @pril says:

    As Salaamu Alaike Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

    I live in Raleigh, NC and am interested in learning this practice to benefit the sisters in my area Insha Allah. Do you know of any training in my area or close to it?

    Sr. @pril

    • Aslamulaykum. Unfortunately, we do not know if any practitioners or training in NC or surrounding states.
      We offer online courses for Hijama, so you can look at website and find out more info. We have a one day educational workshop for Home Use Hijama on 7/28/11 if you are interested. It is in CT.
      We hope you can attend, inshallah.
      Thankyou. Hijama Nation.

  10. Mohamed Rasool says:

    Assalamualaikum, I would like to learn hijama as well experience it.I live in Dubai.could you guide me ?

  11. Talib Ali says:

    I live in Boston MASS.
    I would like to know where I can go to have a Hijama procedure done.

    Talib Ali

  12. Dr. Mohd Nayab says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    I read the ebook about the Hijama Therapy. It is very informative and beneficial for me because i am a regular practitioner of the therapy. I have a lot of work on Hijama Therapy and I have researched on the effects of Hijama Therapy in Osteoarthritis during my MD Dissertation work, so it was very informative for me.
    Thank You

    • Wa Alaykum Asslam Dr. Mohd Nayab,

      Jazakallahu khair for your comment and sharing information about your self and Hijama. May Allah reward you for your great work. Maybe you can share you research with us and help us spread this sunnah. Take care.


  13. Assalam Alaikum,
    At the outset klet me congratulate u for u r noble work.I have read the articles on Hijjama at u r website.I am Dr.Ghazala Mulla Prof.in Dept of Physiology at Z.V.M.Unani Medical College & Hospital,Pune India.I am a Hijjama Therapist.U have mentioned about the theory of Humors I have done a graduation course in Greek Medicine which is based on Therory of Humors of Hippocrates.In India we have Unani Medical Colleges a graduation and post graduation degree course.We have Hijjama therapy as a part of our curriculum.I have also presented a scientific paper on Hijjama therapy in 1st International Hijjama conference held in Istanbul Turkey on 22nd July 2011. I am intersted in u r online Hijjama course as i have friends in New Jersy so that they can enroll themselves for this course.Kindly give me details about this course.
    Jazakallah Khair,
    Dr.Ghazala Mulla

    • Aslamulaykum Sister, Thank you for your kind words. We are honored that you support our work here in the USA. It is excellent that you have so much knowledge and experience in this field, alhumdulillah. We are glad that the Indian Govt is so facilitating of alternative medicine and therapies.
      We will send you the relevant application forms for your friends in NJ.
      Thankyou again. Best wishes.
      Jazakallah Khairun.
      Hijama Nation

  14. fatah says:

    salam alaykoum
    je suis medecin musulman en france,et je m’interesse enormement à el hijama dans le but de soulager mes freres . je voudrai me former convenablement à cette technique therapeutique. je vous serai reconaissant de m’aider pour rèaliser ce projet.

  15. amal says:

    can you send me the name and address of a good doctor in egypt cairo who do hijama……..thanks alot

  16. Dr Ajmal hassan says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    your information about hijama is good.if possible add latest research report abstracts those done by muslim and non muslim researchers. I am interested to learn hijama therapy from a recomonded institution Or a university in the middle east.Could you please provide me relevent information? thank you. dr ajmal, sri lanka.

  17. amal says:

    can u tell me the address of your clinic in new york and telephone number please because i will be next week in washington dc visiting my daughter i would like to do` hijama or if u have any clinic near washington dc thanks a lot

  18. amal says:

    can u send me please a clinic address and telephone number for a good dr in Washington dc because i would like to do hijama because i have a back pain thanks a lot salam allah alykom wa kol sana wa antom tayebeen …EID MOBARAK

    • Aslamulaykum. We have emailed you the information already.
      Maybe you or your family could consider doing the home use basic hijama course yourself, so you can treat your back pain with cupping therapy?
      Pls look at our courses page.


  19. Brother says:

    You should consider looking and if possible contributing to the wikipedia article on Hijama. It does not portray it in a very good light.

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Thank you very much for pointing that issue out to us. We have had a look and it seems that thay have actually used much of our website content on there already! Inshallah, we will write an article to clear up any misconceptions.

      May Allah SWT reward you for your diligence. Thanks again,

      Hijama Nation.

  20. Bilal Qureshi says:

    Asslam o Alaikum !
    I hope you and everyone on this forum is doing good. I live in New Jersey, U.S.A. i know there are not much hijama centers in new jersey but i would kindly appreciate it if you could give me contact information on the closest center. It could be in new york, new jersey , connecticut , pennsylvania or any other nearby states..
    Thanks for your help. May Allah reward you for this..


  21. Nasser Cali says:

    Assalamu Alaikom. I tried Hijama once and I felt good. Now am trying to read and learn more about Hijama/Cupping and planning to enroll in some courses for the benefit of those people in the Southern Philippines who can’t afford. Salam.

  22. Madiha says:

    assalamualaikum WR WB..
    I had read a book on Hijamah by Dr.Amjad a couple of weeks back. Then I started searching about it on internet. some where i read that :

    The study was preformed according to the scientific rules which deduced from the noble prophetic traditions. These rules state that cupping should be applied:

    1. In the early morning, on fasting.
    2. In the springtime, during the second half of the lunar months corresponding to April and May (in the Mediterranean countries as Syria).
    3. For men over twenty years old, and for women over menopause.

    now i just want to know authenticity of third point, if u can let me know.
    Jazakallahu Khair…

    • Aslamulaykum. Thankyou for your query. We will do some research and get back to you via email inshallah.
      Generally though-anyone can have hijama done. There are some contraindications for some conditions, but it is ok for kids 3+ and well in to old age.
      We will let you know the information soon, inshallah.

    • Aslamulaykum,

      I have done some research and not found that there is not much to authenticate the third point that you mentioned. So I do not think that it can be said that hijama can ONLY be performed upon these two groups. Having said that, the logic behind these arguments is that these groups may need hijama moreso than others because;
      -Young men over twenty who are not married and unable to have halaal sexual relations will need hijama to release the heat and toxic fluids. Men have a high drive and need to release fluids from their body. If they do not do so in a healthy, halaal way, the fluids become toxic and affect the body and mind. Thus, Hijama serves to release the heat from the body.
      -For women, their menses cycles are a natural detoxification every month. However, the onset of menopause will stop menses. So there will be an unhealthy build up of toxic blood. Thus, Hijama is recommended to release the toxic blood from the body every month.

      I hope this helps. Thanks.

  23. Tunde says:

    I just had hijamah done on me, I had a higher b.p of 160/100 and I come across this as an alternative to medical drugs and I’m believing it will avert my stroke status inshAllah. I got to know about it today and got it performed on me, what a commitment. May Allah heal me throught reviving the sunnah on His Prophet… Amin.

  24. Mohamed says:


    I’m looking hijama in virginia
    please help god bless you brother

  25. Imtiaz says:

    Salaam alaykum
    Do you know of any courses available in the UK for anyone wishing to become a hijama therapist?
    Thank you

  26. Faizan Ahmed says:

    Assalam o alaekum .

  27. Mohammad says:


    I am looking for a place to get hijamah done in Maryland. I’m willing to go to Virginia as well.

  28. fawad asif says:

    Sir can you tell me the procedure of hijama

  29. Amir Hijazi says:

    جزاك الله خيرا وبارك الله فيك

  30. Imran Ahmad says:

    Do I have to have medical background inorder to enroll myself in the online course of HIJAMA.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  31. Madiha says:

    typing just to share my very good experience with all the forum members. Alhamdulillah i had expeerienced Hijama on me fifteen days back. In general, this helped me alot. Feeling very happy, no more depressive mood, no more mood swings. Am really happy after acting on this sunnah Alhamdulillah.

  32. Madiha says:

    im 22 from karachi(pakistan).. i was diagnosed tuberculosis (right lung was severly infected) two months back.. the disease is under treatment but as the result of taking in too much antibiotics, uric acid has increased and i m facing a lot of pain in knee, ankle and shoulder bones.. can hijama help me to get out of this trouble?
    kindly write back asap.

  33. SALMAN says:

    please let me know where in TX i can get hijama done…thank you for all the wonderful information

  34. Marwan says:

    Assalamu alaykom

    Jazakumu’llahu Khayran for what you are doing to revive this beautiful Sunna.

    I would’ve loved to become a licensed practitioner although unfortunately I am not a licensed MD and don’t plan on becoming one :(.

    I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned that you trained some medical professionals in NY and CT, I live in NYC and am hoping insha’Allah to benefit from this great Sunna. Would you be able to direct me to said practitioners or any hijama practitioners in NY or nearby states (MA or CT)?
    Looking forward to your response insha’Allah
    Assalamu alaykom

  35. mohammadfatthy says:

    that,s good i,m an old cupper (hijama maker ) since 15 years and i need an Arabic edition or translation written under video ready to join with you (receiving
    Patients ) in Egypt /Cairo under call in sha,Allah
    best regards

  36. mohammadfatthy says:

    I hope I can help you publish this prophetic treatment of my place in Egypt/
    I work cupping for more than 15 years
    With best wishes

  37. Mohammed Nizam says:

    Thanks a lot for spreading this valuable sunnah,
    1. is diabetes is curable by this therapy
    2. Could you please let me know, how & where can I learn in Dubai

  38. Mohammed Nizam says:

    Thanks a lot for spreading this valuable sunnah,
    1. is diabetes is curable by this sunnah treatment
    2. where & how can I learn hijama in Dubai

  39. Dr.Hamed Saddique says:

    some days ago i came to know that eurpean doctors prefer to cure with hijama to their patients.i was afraid that it was our religious cure system but we donot prefer it.one day i visited HijamaTraining.com.i was so much excied because it was about free Hijama Training. i salute and pray for web developers.

  40. Mubashir says:

    Dear Sir
    Assalamu Alaikum
    I was realy amazed to see ur effort in providing this information. May God bless u immensely for this work.
    I am interested to learn Hijama therapy. How can I learn n than perform on myself or my wife. Is Hijama good for Psyrosis, as my wife is suffering from the same. I wil b extremely grateful for ur help n assistance on the subject. Thank u very much . B Rgds. Mubashir

    • Aslamulaykum,
      Thankyou for your email.You could study our home use hijama course which is for personal use and family and friends.
      It is excellent for all skin diseases. YOur wife may have too much heat in her body, so it needs to be released through Hijama, isnhallah. We will send you the course info.


  41. Annisa says:

    We live in Woodbridge area VA. My husband 55 years and he’s takes daily medication for stabilize his blood pressure during these 2,5 years now . After reading this website we are expecting to get hijama theraphy as this is according sunnah. Is it possible for him to get rid of those chemical medicines gradually while doing routine hijama. How often he should have this therapy, where can we go nearest place to have it done. Jazakallahu Khairan

  42. Saima Sheikh says:


    Can u pls send me the name and address of the Hijama therapist in TX. JZK

  43. Mohsen says:

    Assalamualaikum va Jazakallahukhayrun for reviving this grand sunnah.
    I hope receive many information about Hijama very soon (points,opportune times and Doa during this action).
    best regards
    Mohsen from Iran

  44. Profile photo of nimrah nimrah says:

    Asalamoalaikum. i want to ask that my father has hemmorhagic stroke on 29 june 2011.blood polled into ventricles of brain.he was also in coma for 20 days but then slightly he recovered.he was on ETD tube for breathing for 9 days then tracheostomy was done. now he is at home but bed ridden completely and with tracheostomy and feed is given by NG tube and only liquid diet is given.he is given anti hypertensive once a day in morning.diet contains anti diabetic milk and some soups. can we take him for hijama?

  45. hannah khan says:

    i am 25 yrs old.i have been dealing with pimples for quite a long period of time.so is hijamah beneficial for it?if yes,can you tell me the procedure of it.i live in hyderabad,INDIA.so if you know any hijama center where they perform it perfectly pls do reply.

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes-Hijama is beneficial for pimples, acne and many skin conditions. These usually occurr when there is too much in the body. So the heat needs to be released throgh Hijama treatments. You must also change your diet to get rid of oily and sugary foods. You should also reduce “hot” foods such as protien foods such as meats and fish.We do have a couple of students in India who are training with us. But they are not qualified just yet. We do not really know any other practitioners personally that we can recommend to you.When our students have graduated, we will refer you to them. Please keep checking the website for regular updates.


  46. ahmed says:

    does Hijama help ex smokers for better lung function ?
    Are there certain points to place the cups?

  47. Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammad Shariff says:

    Assalamalaikum. My name is Mushtaq Ahmed M. Shariff. I am located in Mumbai, India. I was introduce to this therapy while i was suffering from arthritis in the year 1995, while i was staying in Houston. Tx. I learned this divine therapy from a Yemeni brother. He was very good at it. I was honored to learn it under his guidance. However, since i was busy in my business i didn’t realize how badly people need this therapy. Alhandulillah for last 3 years i am promoting this therapy in maximum madrassas network in India. Chinese apparatus manufacturers are well aware of its importance and they have printed hadith related to hijamah on their boxes, and on the other hand very few muslim scholars who teach BABUT-TIBB are aware of its importance and effective results. I have grabed the opportunity and so far thought more than 287 scholars and few doctors. Assalamalaikum

  48. Mustafa says:


    Can you please tell me where in Connecticut this service is available and what are the charges?

    • Aslamulaykum,
      We are currently based in London, UK and only perform treatments here at present. We do have students who we can refer you to after they graduate, inshallah.

  49. Mubarak says:

    Do you know anybody in chicago who does this?

  50. hana says:

    assalamualaykum sir..im working as a cupping theraphy,,i get training one of the health institute here ..im working for almost 2 years now,,but sir im here in middle east ,,i feel great with my job now,,but i dont have a certificate..can you pls help of this,,i want to study also the online training,,will you pls tell me how much the cost,,and for how many months?is it possible also to have a license of this?i want to learn more about cupping or hijama..

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Jazakallah for contacting us. Below is some of the information about our Hijama Certification Course;

      1) The course is six months long
      2) The course includes online text and practical training instructional videos
      3) The course includes live practical training in U.K and different parts of the world (ask for your location)
      4) Our course is approved by and we are members of CMA (Complementery Medical Association)
      5) Our students receive certification that allows them to practice Hijama in many parts of the world (Check the requirements of your local City).
      6) Our Certification allows our students to become members of CMA (Complementery Medical Association)
      7) Our students will be able to attain insurance for their practice with our certification.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Please email us at info@HijamaNation.com

      • AMARA SIDDIQUE says:


        Is the course 5 days per week attendance for 6 months?
        If not, what days are the courses being held?
        Will it take place during Ramadhan?


        Sister Amara

        • The course is online where you receive the text with the deadline date. You study on your own pace, at the time that suites you and submit your assignment on the date that the work is due. I hope this answers your question.

        • Aslamulaykum,

          No the course does not have fixed online classes. YOu can dedicate about 1-2 hrs per day to this course over a period of 6 months.
          The theory part will be running during Ramadhan, but no practical.


  51. Nadia umm Asiya says:

    AsSalaamualaikum. May Allah have mercy on you in this life & the hereafter. My family and I are in Maryland and would like the information for the Hijama practitioner in VA or other areas close to MD if there are any new ones. Shukran

  52. Masood says:

    I am from Iran but live in US, VA. I need to have Hijama perfromed oon my back but I really don;t know where to go to get that? can you please help?



  53. Abu Umer says:

    Assalam o Alikum,

    The Messenger s.a.w said, “Whoever revives a Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practise it, s/he will have the same reward of those who practise it without their reward diminishing.” [Sunan ibn Maajah (209)].

    Its great to see the efforts to spread this forgotten sunnah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
    We too aimed to spread this treatment around the world.
    Please also share the Code of Ethics with the attendees so that they could perform this sunnah in a better way.
    I may not join this webinar but I appreciate you people.
    Some articlse on our site which may assist you.

  54. yahya abdul latif says:

    as salamu alsykum i have been performing cupping in my masjid for twenty years with a good out come how can i become certified in hijama nation

  55. Masood says:


    I would like to priase this Sunnah. Really it is mirculas. I am Hijama one time and prove its effectiveness.

    I would like to knwo whether Hijama is recommended for the children who have low immunity and easly get allergy, cold and sore throught. My son of six, easily get cold and sore throat and remain most only medicines and antibiotics which I think further decrease the immune system.

  56. sadiabakhtiar says:

    u did not send my registration password.

  57. Sufyan Riadi says:

    Assalamualaikum, How to get Membership Certificate Of International Cupping Therapy Society (ICTS)? It’s Free? Thanks..

  58. Maryam says:

    I was realy amazed to see ur effort in providing this information. May God bless u immensely for this work.
    I am interested to learn Hijama therapy. How can I learn n than perform on myself…

  59. muhsinat .B.S. Yusuf -Nigeria says:

    masha’Allah and congratulation for reviving the sunnah of Hijama, longing to see the extension of your school to us in Nigeria, i would be very glad to have this wonderful treament at a doorstep. Jazaakumu lauh khairan.

  60. muhsinat .B.S. Yusuf -Nigeria says:

    Jazaakumu lahu khairan.

  61. muhammad asif khan says:

    Assalamualaikum .hope every one of you will be ok and well.i just want to know
    can i participate in course i do not have medical back ground .if yes then how please let me know.jazakallah

  62. Such overwhelming response from the Sunnah Revivers,,,u really do deserve words of Applause,,ALLAHOAKBAR!
    I am Dr.Farhana,did my MD in 2001 but since last 6 years am working as a cuppist,,i Believe it cures nearly all ailments,,I even teach hijama on certificate level in Karachi,,,i love the maneuvre,,,ever since i learnt it I stopped practicing Elopathic medicine,,,

  63. SYED MUZAMIL says:

    i need hijama theropy boks and iformation about training center adderes

  64. Myriam says:

    As salam alaikum,

    I have Multiple Secerosis and my son-inlaw have a cupping kit.
    Where can he do the cupping on my body?

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Head and neck cupping is best for your condition. YOu should also have lots of massage cupping all over your body by a female, inshallah.

      You should also have RUQYAH therpay performed and recite Quran often, inshallah.


  65. Dr Khalid M Siddiqui says:


    Reviving Hejama for reviving Sunnat e Rasool is very good Nee’at May Allah give u success We are all with u for the noble cause. I always support for such initiatives and being a Unani physician I always recommend and practice
    Thanks and Congrates

  66. Shabana Arshad Kamal says:

    Dar ul Hijra Tibbe Nabawi Clinic, Tibbe nabawi medicine, foods & Hijama specialist skin care, pain cure,alergies,asthma and all women disease,
    561/A block gulshan ravi, lahore5400, Pakistan
    land line-+92-42-37460243

  67. Marie Lambert says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Is hijama useful for epilepsy and learning disabilities? And can it be useful for Crohn disease?

    Jazakillahu khairan

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Yes, alhumdulillah, Hijama targets all conditions of the body systems. Crohns disease can be managed easily as Hijama strengthens the digestive and immune systems.
      Further, neurological conditions are easliy treated with Head and neck cupping. I have epilepsy, and had my head cupped and have been seizure free for 3 1/2 yrs, alhumdulillah. Learning disabailities can also be reduced or cured (depending upon severity) with regular hijama treatment, correct sunnah diet and herbs, exercise and most importantly, faith in ALLAH SWT, prayer and good intention, inshallah. I will send you a link to our blog about epilepsy.

    • Aslamulaykum,
      With the will of ALLAH swt, Hijama can easily cure the conditions you refer to. Crohns can be dealt with as Hijama strengthens the digestive and immune systems. Neurological conditions can remedied with Hijama too. Please read the following article:

  68. Rashida Ahmed Makda says:

    Please inform me if cupping can help a patient that is diagnose for Cancer of the thyroid.

    • The Hijama can help with the pain. It depends on how far the cancer has spread. But we have to try and leave it up to Allah to heal.

    • Inshalalh, Hijama can cure all disease with teh will of Allah. It will provide pain relief and strengthen the immune system. If not combat it, then it will certainly reduce the spread of cancer with ongoing hijama treatments, inshallah.

  69. Rashida Ahmed Makda says:

    I am a South African Radiation therapist working in Saudi Arabia-Makkah. I would like to do a Diploma course in Hijama. Where do I do my practical course. and when can I start. shukran May Allah reward you.

  70. As salaamu alaikum,
    Jazakumallahu khairun to the Hijama Nation team for making this information available to the online community. Each and every Muslim must learn about hijama, and apply it in their lives.

    Hijamah Works is a clinic in Toronto serving the GTA area. We have both male and female Certified therapists, in a very professional and clean facility. Please visit our website (www.hijamahworks.com) or call to make a booking: 647 269 8459.

    JazakumAllah khair

  71. M. Khan says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I would hope that you are using sterile technique when carrying out the Hijama. You risk cellulitis, fasciitis whenever you make an incision in the skin. I would also caution you from claiming that Hijama is useful for specific medical conditions when in fact it is not and possibly misleading individuals from also obtaining medical treatment – for example – cancer, inflammatory bowel disease ect as you have in the comments above.

    The Prophet did Hijama and there is a time and place and reason for it. It is a medical treatment and should be used as such. As a physician I find reading some of your blanket statement regarding Hijama alarming.

    Ma3 salam

    • Asslaamoalaykum,

      Jazakallah for leaving a comment and your concerns. Why would just assume that we don’t use sterile techniques. There are many people who just learn Hijam from youtube video and start practicing but we are a proper college who teaches diploma level course and we have the highest of standards alhumdulillah.
      Secondly, you are not the only medical doctor that we came across. Alhumdulillah we have over 10 kind of medical doctors as our students and some of them who have left their medical practice (which does not have cure for anything) to practice Hijama full time, alhumdulillah.
      Thirdly, The Prophet did Hijama for physical and spiritual issues. And for a complete health, you need physical, emotional and spiritual health, which Western Medicine fails to understand. And Hijama helps with physical, emotional and spiritual issues, thus triggering the body’s Homeostatic system and the body starts to heal itself. So yes, the holistic approach does not look at body as separate parts as western medicine, instead looks at body as one mechanism. When one part of the body does not function well, it affects other parts of the body and when you take care of the root cause of the problem, then it might fix 2,5,10 other issues in the body. I hope this makes sense.


  72. azhar ali says:

    jazakallah & thanks, i received your book about hijama infomation, there is a great knowledge,i learned some importants points about hijama practice. so nice of you to send the this book.but i can’t understand that how can i certified or gain certificate from your orgnization. Regards.

  73. Muhammed Ibrahim says:

    Assalamu Alaikum i am Muhammed from Niger i thank you very much for reviving our sunna i want find out if i can use secondary school certifacate in enrolling the course. Thanks

  74. Sabeel Honey says:

    Assalamalaikum, I truly appreciate your work for promoting Hijama as an alternate therapy. I am new to Hijama and I have these questions
    How is it different from donating blood? What is the scientific basis for Hijama if there is any? What are the primarily illnesses it is good for, and how long?
    Do you have practical training available in Pakistan?


    • As salaamu alaikum,
      Donated blood is usually tapped directly from the veins. This is fresh oxygenated blood. Removing this blood is known as blood-letting, which is something very different from Hijama. Hijama instead seeks to assist the spetic, toxic and stagnant blood that builds up in inflammed or irritated tissues of the body. So its not from beins. Removing this stuff also balances magnetic forces and other inhibitors to proper circulation such as built up lactic acid. The blood removed is not glossy and thin like the fresh blood removed from a vein. It is dark and thick like honey, and can get chunky/coagulated once removed from the body.

  75. Mukhtar Shaikh says:


    Recently came to know about Hijama. It is very sad that it took so long for we muslims to know and perform/follow this Sunnah.
    Since this is an art which requires knowledge of Human Anatomy and body details regarding organs and other important structures beneath the cupping points, it will always be safe that a qualified person performs this practice of Hijama. Recently in some parts of India, there are some people who may NOT have medical knowledge of human body system, they are practicing this art just with the name of Sunnah.
    We must spread this sunnah to benefit the suffering people to get rid of their illnesses, but not at the hands of untrained people, we must make it most affordable and easily available method of treatment to serve the suffering humanity. Allah has given us this art through his beloved prophet, so let us not make it a source of making huge money, but make it affordable so that the poorest person can also be benefited with this sunnah.

  76. Pervaiz says:

    Could you please explain about Hijama therpay how it helps various diseases when there is no direct link between toxic blood and disease is established? For example Depression, Insomnia, Autism are gut-brain diseases or they are partly related to gut diabiosis and inability of human body to supply nourishment (neurotransmitters) to brain. Is there any rationale why Hijama works due to elimination of toxic blood from various collection points on the body?
    Thanks for curious knowledge seekers.

  77. Mohamed Sanogho says:

    Salamu Aleykum,

    Do you anyone practicing hijama in the tri-states area? (NY/NJ/PA) or CT?

  78. usman says:


    Do you if there are any vacancies available for Hijama Practitioners in the UK in the north west region? If so please can you let me know.

  79. Sanaa says:


    My name is Sanaa from New York and my grandmother is very interested in hijama therapy. She asked me to search any facilities or clinics where they perform this procedure. Any places which you can inform me about in New York or surrounding states such as CT or NJ will be very helpful!
    She is currently 73 and is diabetic as well. Having pains in her ankles and knees has made it difficult to walk. I know that this type of therapy is not too commen in the United States so thank you for your understanding :)

  80. Ayesha says:

    I had terrible experience with Hijama. After getting it done in Karachi Pakistan, I felt sick that day. I had no energy. I had body aches, my blood pressure started to fluctuate. Now I am in bed with severe back problem. Dr took out four cups of blood in 5 minutes. I would advise people to be careful with this method of treatment. Only go to those who are certified and have patient who had good experience. Dr recommended me to get four treatments done in just two weeks. I had two treatment done in one week. I had two different Doctors. The first one knew what she was doing, but the second one messed me up.
    Be very careful.

  81. Salam alaykum please assist me in loggin in i don’t understand the procedure anymore

    • Asslamoalaykum, all of the content is available to everyone. If you haven’t signed up on upper right corner of the website, please do and you will receive the newsletter and information about our events.

  82. Salam alaykum please can i use hijama to cure astma cough,and wheqe will i place the cup if i want to use it as cure for astma?

  83. Salam alaykum,please i want to know if hijama nation have a text book and video clips that treat hijama cupping in detail which i can download and how i can make payment for the material

  84. Salam alaykum,please i want to know if hijama nation have a text book and video clips that treat hijama cupping in detail which i can download and how i can make payment for the material,this my email address sanusiwa2000@yahoo.com

  85. Hussaina Iliya Yusuf says:

    Jazak Allahu khairan. I really amazing getting to know of hijama. Knowledge never end. I have picked interest bi’idnillah. Is hijama nation on facebook?

  86. Syeda GhosiA Aamir says:

    I want to knw r u saler of Hijama Cups? if yes plz let me know where i can buy these cups?

  87. Sameera says:

    Assalamualaikum. .i stay in hyderabad n m 20 yrs old. .sis since past few yrs m suffering 4 pimples v dark scars dark circles n pigmentation patches on ma face nentire body n i hv over gone wid ol d treatments 4m aloepathic tl d use of home made products bt nthng helped infact it made worst due 2 vch m olwaz depressed n vneva i seek help 4m ALLAH paak n offer namaz i get more pimples on ma face due 2 vch m v nervous 2 offer nw bt at d same tym i dnt want 2 leave namaz also. .n even ma skin has bcum v oily nw. .Sum people says dat dis r d ill effects of black magic n a bad eye who wants 2 ruin ma lyf. .pls pls help me 2 overcum dis situation sis. .vl hijama b d solution 2 ol dis problems. .pls pls do reply. .i vl b waiting sis. . ALLAH HAFEEZ. .

  88. hadi says:

    Is there any therapist available in Bangladesh ?
    Would appreciate your kind help.


  89. syed rafi ahmed says:

    Hijama is best way of treatment & also sunnah . these days we live in lot of tension. all treatments are so expensive and all medicine have side effects so hijama & herb are save treatments

  90. Ali says:

    Salam alaikum,

    I have a few questions regarding hijama. Firstly, is it acceptable to re-use the hijama cups (obviously being used on one person only)? Would it make the hijama treatment any less effective if the cups were re-used?

    Also, I would like to know how often hijama should be performed? What is the general recommendation, and what do you recommend for someone who is not fully better and still has some physical problems? Can it be done on a monthly basis?

    Thank you !

  91. Hameed khawaja says:

    Salam, My Sister who is 48 years old and living in Lahore, Pakistan; three months ago was dignosed with Lung cancer in the last stages. Docters in SK hospital are not very hopefull of her condition.
    a Freind of ours has suggested that we should give a try and give her the Hijama treatment.
    Do you recommend that this Hijama treament in the condition, where she is on Ventilator ICU and already have gone through Chemo thraphy twice.
    How would this treatment make her condition better.
    please reply ASAP. as we do not have much time on us.

    • Asslamoalaykum, may Allah give shifa to your sister. At this stage, the cancer might not be reversible but Hijama can help with the pain and even improve condition somewhat and help in breathing. But the cure is in Allah’s hands. Allah can do anything. Allah has recommended us to perform Hijama and that is why we do it and then we leave the results in Allah’s hands. I don’t recommend Hijama during the Chemo or radiation but if she is not having those treatments, then you can perform Hijama. I doubt that the hospital is going to allow you to perform Hijama under their care. Please keep us posted. Wasslaam

  92. shafique says:

    its good informative site.plz tell me?is hijama treatment final solution of pilipsy?

  93. Please find a Hijama practitioner near you. You can visit this website http://www.hijamadirectory.info/directory to find practitioners.

  94. Sajid says:

    Salaam, I’m interested in studying your online course along side the practical workshop. I have two brief questions:
    1. Can I perform the practical here in London(UK)?
    2. When is your next course commence?

    Jazakallaah Khairun

    Looking forward to your swift reply.

    Wa’ salaams

  95. Sajid sharif says:

    I’m interested in studying your online course along side the practical workshop. I have two brief questions:
    1. Can I perform the practical here in London(UK)?
    2. When is your next course commence?

    Jazakallaah Khairun

    Looking forward to your swift reply.

    Wa’ salaams

  96. majida amir says:

    Assalam alaikum va rahmatullah. I have read the eBook Hijama Wet cupping. It is very informative. May Allah Bless you for reviving the sunnah of our prophet s.aw. My husband is suffering from severe psoriasis. We reside in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Is it possible for me to do home use basic hijama course training to perform this divine therapy on my husband and relatives. Jazakallah kul khair

  97. Ghosia Syed says:

    i m a hijama therapist and m doing hijama since 3 years.
    i m interested in your online hijama training because i want to learn more about this great sunnah. and one thing i want to ask u people can provide me certificate for hijama.
    hope for the best reply.
    Ghosia Syed

  98. Ghosia Syed says:

    I m a hijama therapist and m doing hijama since 3 years.
    i m interested in your online hijama training because i want to learn more about this great sunnah. and one thing i want to ask u people can provide me certificate for hijama.
    Hope for the best reply.

    Ghosia Syed
    Hijama Therapist
    Hijama Center
    House #31-A, Street #2, Phase II,
    Near Masjid Ameer Mavia,
    Wah Model Town,
    Wah Cantt

  99. Sadiq says:

    A Salaam Alaaykum. I’m from Seattle Washington and would like to know if there is any place where I can get practical experience? I would like to do the course as-well but I want to make sure if there is a place some where here in Seattle WA, where I can be trained to do the live training. Please if you can let me know, this as soon as possible. Also I would like to discuss somethings about the fee but I will first wait on your reply. Thank you and may Allah reward you for your hard work. take care Salaam Alaaykum

  100. Ms. Altaf says:

    Assalam alaikum.
    Does Hijama have a cure for:
    1) Alopecia Areata?
    2)Autoimmune diseases?
    If yes, then what are the relevant points on the body?

  101. Rashid says:

    i need information of hijama center in new york thx

  102. Rida Alaywan says:

    It is sad to see “Like us and Share the message to Revive the Sunnah! ” i personally prefer if it was “Like us and Share the message to Revive the Islam!”
    Come on we are one poeple, one nation!
    We both read the Coraan , pray 5 times a day and have the same prophet !
    Sunnah and Shiaa was created by humans to separate us and create war and hate between us and for political use
    I know that it’s a sad truth but it’s still the Truth !
    Best regards,

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The phrase does not refer to the Islamic sects of Shias or Sunnis.
      It refers to reviving the Sunnah ie; the practices of the Prophet and Islam itself.
      The whole point of us being called Hijama Nation is because we are indeed, one nation and one Ummah.
      We want to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst ALL Muslims and all human beings too-Hijama is natural medicine for all humans.

      Many thanks,

      Hijama Nation Team

  103. Rafiya says:

    Assalam alaikum, I got ur free ebook. Jazak Allahu Khair.
    I had hijama 5 times so far. But I wish Insha Allah I could learn how to do hijama. I am Indian living in Saudi Arabia from few years. In my city back home, people even don’t know what hijama is. please help me to learn how to do hijama, I want to help all my muslim sisters and my family by curing Insha Allah bi iznillah.

    • AssalamoAlaikum Sister Rafiya

      Thanks for your interest in the course.
      Our hijama course is online which is flexible and self-paced. You can learn this therapy at your home and give benefit to your family and all. Total course fee is GBP975 but with our 25% promotional discount offer, you’ll pay GBP731 in 3 instalments. Please contact us at info@hijamanation.com for more information about the course.

  104. Rafiya says:

    Assalam alikum,
    What can I do,to do online course. What will be the fees? Please give me some details regarding it.

  105. Nasiruddin Sayyed says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. I’ve read the ebook of Hijama wet cupping therapy. It’s very helpful for me to know about this therapy. I to want to learn this beneficial Sunnah of our Prophet (S.A.W). Can I learn this therapy at my home and master it by your help and advise. I seriously want to learn it so my family and I can be benefited. Jazakallah Khair.

  106. Fazal Kazmi says:

    Assalam alaikum va rahmatullah.
    I am suffering from severe psoriasis. Shell I cure by HIJAMA treatment?. & how many sessions required for my treatment?

    • Aslamulaykum,

      Yes, Hijama is very useful for sever skin conditions. It is happening due to too much heat in the body. So the patients diet needs to be evaulated, as well as regualr intensive hijama being performed. You will need to have several treatment sessions to draw out the toxic blood from your body. We recommend that you drink lots of water too.

  107. dr azhar says:

    i am hijama therapist in india , currently i started hijama and doing treatment of migraine . i wnt to ask u that when i suck blood , it comes out very little amount , tell me reason .

    • Aslamulaykum,

      It depends on various issues. The patient may have thick, stagnant blood with poor ciruclation. So not much blood will come out.
      Also, it can depend upon the lunar cycle and the levels of the four humors in the body.
      Another reason could be that the there is not enough suction or the incisions were not deep enough.
      we recommend the pateint to do some light exercise (walking on the spot/light stretching etc) before treatment to increase blood flow to the skull. Also, you could manually massage the patients head to increase blood flow before you perform hijama.


  108. aslam says:

    Is osteoarthritis like pain in knee, back, crackings in all joints from hand finger to feet fingers is it curable thru hijama

    Please let me know is it curable. versatile.khan22@gmail.com, aslam.khan@rynasolutions.com

  109. farhatullah khan says:

    salaam.jazakallah for the service you are rendering to the ummah and educating
    The ummah of the forgotten sunnah.alhamdulillah.in india specislly in maharsshtra aurangabad the hijama has gained popularity and even the non muslims are comming to get it done.i hv a question where exactly is hijsma to be oerformed in case of kidney problems.can. Jazakallah
    Your brother in faith
    Farhatullah khan

  110. Bushra says:

    Assalam u alaikum, dear team hijama nation can u kindly mentioned the good therapist in karachi, pakistan. n can hijama cure mental depression ,lack of confidance issues.. i mean neuro problems?

  111. irum saleem says:

    please send me information about hijama as my father age 72 is on kidney dialsys due to his both kidney failures and want to treat for his problem, also his liver and spleen not in good health, we are very hopeful to hear something from you, we live in uxbridge middlesex london.
    you can call me on 07766748974.
    kind regards

  112. Hana says:

    Salam alaykoum,

    im from France and here there isn’t hijama specialists so i want to know please if there is a solution to my disease i suffer from hyperhydrosis especially in my hands i tried hijama sobhannAllah it worked but after 3 weeks it comes back so i understand that hijama worked al hamdoulilah but i need specialist because it can help a lot of people!

    BarakAllah ou fikoum

  113. amaany says:

    Assalamualikum, do you sell cupping/hijama books or cds? If so please let me know how much they cost. I would also like to know a little about the cupping/hijama cousre. Jazakallah.

  114. zulfiqar says:

    You are masha Allah providing a great service and opportunity. The course is mainly online with viseo material etc and practical sessions in London. Pl vould you confirm how many practical sessions are needed to complete the course. I see some reference to 5 sessions of 6 people. Could you pl clarify. Many thanks

  115. Profile photo of naeem.abdul naeem.abdul says:

    i’m in india and i want to know is the course there in india

    • AssalamoAlaikum Brother
      Our online courses have been specifically designed for international students which include text, exam and practical theory through online instructions and you can do these courses in the comfort of your home. For more info please write us at info@hijamanation. Jazakallah

  116. Haj Nassir Halaoui-Halloway says:

    Salam Alaikum, May Allah Bless you & every person who tries to help other Muslims. I live in Rhode Island USA. I am a SINIOR, but Alhamdu Lil-Lah I am Healthy. I have slight Astma & SOME Arthiraitis all over. I would love to learn tha HIJAMA to heal my family & others Insha-Allah. I was sertified in CPR & FIRSTAID when I was Working.

  117. Minhajuddin Ahmed says:

    Assalamu Alaiukm. Please see the link http://www.hijamadirectory.info/directory is the worldwide directory for Hijamah specialists. This may be helpful for those who are interested in reviving this sunnah.

  118. Mohammed says:

    Is Hijama can be done for Diabetic / Sugar Patient

  119. paolo paala says:

    Hi is there have a practitioner in the philippines? please send me the location. thanks.

  120. Mansoor Ul Hassan says:

    Assalam u Alyqum,

    could you please advise that you have any branch in USA if yes then pls advise complete address.


    • AssalmoAlaikum

      We do not have any branch in USA. We provide only online hijama courses, though we can provide you a list of hijama practitioners in USA if you write us at info@hijamanation.com

      Hijamanation Team

    • AssalamoAlaikum

      We do not have any branch in America now as we have moved to United Kingdom. Currently, we are providing online hijama certification course. If you are looking for treatment then contact us at info@hijamanation.com , and we’ll send you a directory for hijama practitioners.

      Hijamanation Team

  121. Mohammed Jameel says:

    Assalaam u alaikum to all Muslims,

    Thanks and Jazzak Allah khair for reminding the Sun-nah of Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and Keep Rising. May allah cures from all dreadful diseases inshallah.


  122. Sulyman Mohamed Hassani says:

    I like to join online courses in order to earn the Certificate.I would like to enroll now, but I couldn’t find the application, and I need to know how much the cost

  123. Sadia K. says:

    Asslamu alaikum

    I would like to know where can I get a hijama session done in Toronto by a certified female practitioner ?
    Thank you,
    Sadia K.

  124. Shamsher akhtar says:

    asssallamoallekum sir plz tell me during filling the paypal filling only paypal filling is suffient to transfer the ammount in your account (MUDDASAR RAJA) PLZ SIR REPLY ME in my email… huashaffi786@gmail.co.in

  125. sukran kilic says:

    Selamun Aleykum
    I live in London and I am interested in the Hijama course that you are doing, before I apply to the online course I clearly understand we study on our own time but what about practicals where do we go and how do we perform our treatment to our clients??

    • AssalamoAlaikum

      The course is flexible and self-paced so you choose your own days and time. It is compulsory to attend our one day practical for UK students and international students are given training through online practical demonstrational videos and complete instructions. You’ll be given complete instructions to do treatment on the clients during course. Please visit our website http://HijamaCertification.com for more info

      Tayyba Ayub (Admin Support)

  126. Dr. Naveed says:

    I am Naveed Khan brother of Fareed Khan of Connecticut I done Hijama therapy from last six years in Karachi Pakistan please tell me about certificate fee

  127. Muhammad Sohail Tabassum says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

    I live in Sargodha pakistan and am interested in learning this practice to benefit the sisters in my area Insha Allah. Do you know of any training in my area or close to it?

  128. zahid says:

    Alhamdulillah. looking forward to learn hijama.

  129. zahid says:

    alhamdulilah, i live in mumbai. how can i learn hijama, looking forward to learn hijama. may bless u for revievinf sunnah.

  130. abdellah says:

    assalamo alaykum wa ra7mato allahi ta3ala wa barakatoh.

    i live in ct usa.where can i get hijama .

    jazakomo allaho khayran

  131. Sami ahmad says:

    For hijama in New Delhi India can be contact to Dr Izhar, Sahin house, DB Gupta market, Karol bagh New Delhi India 05 Mob 8287833547. i was performed cupping therapy by Dr Izhar in 2011, its so much beneficial, really it works. link to contact https://www.facebook.com/regimenaltherapy

    Patient Sahid ali
    New Delhi

  132. Sara says:

    Is hajama suitable for pigmentation and melasma problem? I have acne problem as well. But I want a cure for dark black patches at different sections of my face developed due to severe acne as my first preference. Can you please guide in this regard?


  133. AbuObaida says:

    I hope 2 be in contact wih you.

  134. Saqib Khan says:

    Aslaam o Alaikum !

    I am not a doctor,but I have an interest in Hijama bcz it is Sunnah.
    And I also have a diploma in First Medical Aid from Islamabad Pakistan.
    I also want to do this practical.
    What I have to do ?????

  135. sofia hussain says:

    i want to help muslim sisters in my area by offering the hijama iI want to learn how to do it properly, and how so iI recieve this free book jazakAllah

  136. Hijama Holland says:

    Salaam alaykoum,

    I’m from Holland and I’m looking for a cheap cupping supplier. Does somebody know someone? Maybe from Middle east or China?


  137. ummjuwairiah says:

    salaam alaikum
    Do you know any doctor who does hijaamah in Birmingham, Uk.

  138. Fehmida Ally says:

    Jazakallahu khair

  139. Danish Ahmed says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    Dear Mudassar,

    I have been searching for remedy of my “Excessive Palm & Feet Sweating (palmar hyperhidrosis)”, and I have learned that I have high sensitivity to Cold and Stress POSSIBLY.

    Can you please mention the Remedy of this problem in Hijama.

    Danish Ahmed
    Karachi, Pakistan.

  140. Abdul hannan khan says:

    salam. Is there any hijama centre in riyadh.if yes plz gimme contact numb

  141. noor-ul-ain says:

    I am taking hijama sessions by DR SUKAINA in KARACHI for multiple problems like sinus,bodyaches,stiffness and alhumdulilah by grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH results are awesome i’m highly satisfied and taking a full cure also learning wet cupping i olrdy hav basic knowledge of dry fire cupping .
    my question is before and after precautions as i searched on internet in different sites its all different i’m bit confused looking forward for quick reply as i’m under sessions and i dnt want to waste any of my sessions as i’m travelling n dnt want to go back home with any illness pr toxins in my body.
    i subscribed for free booklet from ur site fews days back but till now i have only recieved introduction no lessons yet kindly send me .
    thanks alot
    may ALLAH bless all

    • Asslamaoalykum sister,

      We only teach the introduction to Hijama in the free eBook and we share some case studies but we don’t teach people how to perform Hijama in our emails. For that we have Diploma course. We only want to encourage only qualified practitioners to be performing Hijama on others insha Allah. If you are performing Hijama just on your family, then no problem but if you start treating people other than your family, then you should definitely get qualified insha Allah.


  142. mustafa says:


    im 4m bangladesh. im interested to learn hijama. do u offer any training course of learning hijama.


  143. wajid says:

    AOA plz suggest me hijama center in gujranwala for males

  144. Numan Afzal says:

    AOA Mudassar Bhai, very well done by creating video series and try to promote/revive of Sunnah, in fact you are a clever businessman in respect by the revive of Sunnah, because who get hijama you earn sawab indirectly by invite to hijama, so you are lucky man.
    Mudassar Bhai, i am also a homeopathic prectitioner since 2006 and recently start hijamah therapy,marvlous result and proved Sunnah never be failed.
    Bhai,how i get a membership of icta and icts
    ALLAH may blessing a lot of happyness
    DR Numan Afzal
    medicare hijamah & homeopathic clinic
    Gujranwala Pakistan 0092-333-444-2121

  145. shaban says:

    assalam o alaikum.
    i have to ask about yours registration, is your institute CMA registered or some other authority ?
    I am an homeo doctor and want learn Hijama, so please also tell me that which certification will be better for me and what will be procedure of learning and payment mode
    jazak ALLAH

    • Asslamoalaykum,

      We are registered with GRCCT, who are the main regulatory board in the U.K. We have Hijama (holistic) regulated in the U.K. and we are the lead advisor to the government for Hijama (holistic), alhumdulillah. You will receive a diploma from us insha Allah. It is a distance learning course with video demonstration and one day practical training.
      For further questions, please email us at info@HijamaNation.com


  146. Sayed Muhammed Siraj Thangal says:

    Alhamdulillah, for giving me the opportunity to join this wonderful Hijama Nation.Looking forward to learn hijama because this is Sunnath,
    Abu Hurairah(r) reportd; rasool(s) said,”Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic every month) then it is a cure for every disease.[Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)
    Written in kithab ibn sana reported from imam Ali(r) that,
    Prophet(s) told who ever recite ayathul kursi on hijam time you will get helpful in hijama”

  147. Gohar Ali Khan says:

    I want to learn hijama. Just wondering if hijamanation will be offering discount this year as well? Like the offer you had last year.

  148. Raheem says:

    Assalamu alikum ,i raheem from bangalore an engineer .i’m very glad that and appreciate that u people doing a great job..may allah reward u gys for dis great work for spreading sunnah of prophetic(SAW) medicine.My dream is to spread this great sunnah through out d world again .N i want to research reagrding dis great sunnah INSHA allah. I kindly request hijama nation to guide me

  149. Nazim Syed says:


    We live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Do you know any Hijama certified provider in this are.



  150. Shaik Tabrez says:


    Dear Brother Mudassar,
    I performed hijama cupping on myself on 6 different points, but on the lowest point on the spinal cord where the cup was placed created me extremely unbearable pain. It was performed by a person practicing Hijama since 9 years. Is this happens for other patients too. Kindly reply me.


  151. Khaleelur rahman. shaik mohammed. says:

    I am a chronic epilepsy patient.
    age: 50years
    epilepsy : attacked when I was at the age of 29 years
    medicine: tried all types I.e allopathy, Homeo, ayurveda, unani,acupuncture and psychological treatment.
    medicine active: main medicine is allopathic and athers are alternates.
    m.r.I scanning: Left temporal mesial sclerosis
    family history: nobody and my case it is a idiopathic.
    present treatment:
    1)eptoin 1-2
    2)trioptal 300 mg 1-1
    3)frisium 10 mg. 1-1
    request: expert practitioners at Hyderabad city, india .
    theme: as I am tired with trial&errors pl. show me the addresses of experienced therapists. no more trial&errors. I am living with brothers contribution. pl refer to a non profitable source as I am a non-earnig person
    gender: male

  152. Mrs.Farhana Altaf says:

    Assalam O Alaikum

    I would like to join you as a student. I am doing hijama since 9 years. But there is a language issue. I am weak in english language. Is this course available in urdu too. A have already asked you this question last night, but didn’t get any response from your side. Please reply me asap so that I could join you.

    Thank you

    • Asslaamoalaykum Sister,

      Right now, we don’t have the course in Urdu but some of our students have used google translator to translate the course and study in different languages masha Allah. Soon we will be translating the course insha Allah. Please email us at info@HijamaNation.com if you have any further questions. Jazakallah.


  153. Aslamulaikum. Thank-you for your response. We are intending to set up educational workshops in the tri-state area, inshallah. Please continue to check our website to find out more information about these and other events.

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