Hijama Information Video

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This video contains detailed information about Hijama Cupping.

Information covered in this video is:
–What is Hijama and how does it work?
–The history of Hijama
–Ahadith about Hijama
–Medical benefits of Hijama
-Metaphysics and Hijama
–From where you can get the treatment?
–Hijama Treatment Testimonials
–How can you learn Hijama and be part of reviving this forgotten sunnah?
and much more……

To learn more about the Hijama Practitioner Certification Course, Click Here.

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About Hijama Nation

HIJAMA NATION AIMS & OBJECTIVES To teach all Muslims about Hijama Cupping Therapy. Muslims around the world should know about the Sunnah of this natural healing art. We would like to make it fully accessible to everyone, both as training and practice, as well as a treatment. Everyone has the right to heal from sickness and feel healthy and strong.  To have Hijama Cupping Therapy recognized and accepted in its own right. It does not fall under the category of straight Massage or Acupuncture/Cupping Therapy. It is an effective, healing and powerful complementary therapy exclusively practiced by Muslims (following the religion of Islam) globally. It is legal in UK, much of Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, South Asia and Far East.  We believe that it is our civil and religious right to practice Hijama Cupping Therapy as it is a faith based therapy. We believe that Wet Cupping Therapy should not only be practiced by licensed Physicians or Acupuncturists, but trained Hijama Practitioners too.  Just as Jewish Mohels (Ritual Circumcisers) are exempt from obtaining Medical Licensure in order to practice male circumcision on religious grounds, we would like Muslim Hijama Practitioners to be exempt from obtaining Medical or Acupuncture Licensure on religious grounds.  To promote awareness and educate the general Public about Hijama Cupping Therapy and its health benefits through educational workshops, internet and various Health Institutions.  We would like to introduce and establish a National Training and Certification Course for Hijama Practitioners in collaboration with the State DPH/Medical & Acupuncture Boards. Our aim is to have it Nationally approved and accredited. We would like to train Licensed Physicians, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners and others medical/complementary Therapy professionals. Also, we aim to train practicing and responsible Muslim persons who would like to be trained and certified as a Hijama Practitioner according to their faith. This is so that we can set up and maintain the highest of health and safety standards and best practice policies and procedures. We do not just want to have “in-house training” like the Jewish Mohels have in Synagogues or through Rabbis. Rather, we intend to have structured training and certification courses in line with other nationally accredited bodywork courses eg;  Physiology & Anatomy & CPR First Aid Training  Acupuncture & Hijama points  Prophetic medicine & Natural Islamic Healing, Theory & History  Best Business Practices & Policies & Procedures  Practical training in Dry/Massage/Wet Cupping techniques, coursework, case studies, clinical training and exams.
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8 Responses to Hijama Information Video

  1. hahnawaz says:

    i like hijamma treatment

  2. Profile photo of sadik sadik says:

    assalam awwb , i would like to do the course on line , i am in New Zealand and like to enroll and like to know if the discount still applies and will pay in 3 installment

  3. Dr.maajid ali says:

    subhan allah hijama is best treatment for ummat

  4. Wanda D'Orta says:

    I an LPN and am very interested in becoming a practioner. I am very interested holistic and alternative therapies. Is this helpful for someone with RA, AIDS, or cancer of any type?

    • AssalamoAlaikum

      Thanks for your enquiry. Hijama can be helpful in the early stages of these diseases and it can work to prevent them to spread in the body. It strengths the immune system and helps increasing the white blood cells. In last stages, it can work like a good pain relief. We should keep in mind that “Allah has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease…” Please visit our website http://HijamaCertification.com for information about our course.
      Hijamanation Team

  5. Mrs Asad says:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    my question is about osteoarthritis due to aging (my mother age is 55 )
    can it be healed by Hijama therapy?
    please must reply

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