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So Exactly What Is Hijama Cupping Therapy?

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a type of alternative therapy in which cups are placed on the skin of the client to create suction. The suction results in an increased blood flow, hence facilitating the healing process. Moreover, Hijama Cupping Therapy

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I secretly wished I had the skill and knowledge to perform Hijama

Assalamualaikum, Today, I am honoured to share a very inspirational story of a sister, from America, who found Hijama as the ultimate health option. She writes; First and foremost, I just want to humbly thank Allah (SWT) and then Hijama

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Why Hijama? A FREE Educational Workshop for Ladies

Date: Sat 11th Jan 2020. Time: 11am-1pm. Venue: Harrier Suite, 1st Floor Holiday Inn-Birmingham Airport NEC Coventry Road Birmingham West Midlands B26 3QW Tel: 44 (0) 871 781 6730 Limited spaces. First come. First serve. No children allowed. Pre-registration required.

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